Why you should choose Edinburgh Car recovery

Most car owners dread pulling over due to a mechanical hitch, especially with little or no warning. It is such an inconvenience, to say the least you may miss an important meeting or wait for hours before help arrives. It is during such emergencies when you need a car recovery company the most. At Lothian Towing Services, we understand how useful car recovery services can be at such times and strive to be ready to assist stranded drivers regardless of the time of the day.

If you are traveling for business and have a car in need of recovery, our tow trucks can get to your car anywhere. Our vehicles are not only reliable, but also safe. You may call this reliability because our cars are fully loaded with top of the line equipment and parts. You may rest assured that you will receive the kind of service you expect from a quality car recovery company. We offer full hook ups with cable, a tow rope and winch. Your car will be cleaned before it is loaded on to our vehicle. If you have a classic car, then our trained technicians will install all modern equipment to insure the highest level of safety. Our expert technicians can remove all the nails and fasten all the gaskets to your car. If you are in need of a reliable car recovery company, call us today on for a free estimate.