Towing News

BALTIMORE WBFF – A new report released by Baltimore s Inspector General says that the city continued to use a towing contractor that overbilled the city.

In September of , the Inspector General released a report that found the towing company overcharged Baltimore for its services. The previous report did not name the towing company. Also, according to the report, the president of the towing company says he d made a verbal agreement with the city to allow for the additional charges even though the city s contract with the company did not allow it. The supervisor, who spent more than two decades with the city, has been terminated. The Office of the Inspector General referred the issue to the Law Department. 

According to the report released in January , , investigators found that the City of Baltimore was still using the towing company, despite not having a contract and not being in compliance with the Minority and Women’s Business Opportunity Office.

I have spoken with the Director of the Department of General Services DGS and it is my understanding that DGS has been working with the Bureau of Procurement BOP over the past several months to initiate the solicitation of a new contract. In the meantime, however, DGS made an operational decision to continue using the services of the current vendor to ensure the continuity of operations on behalf of City agencies. The City lacks the resources equipment and personnel to be able to perform all the towing services provided by contracted vendors and without these services not only would the operations of agencies such as Fire, Police, DPW and DOT be significantly hampered, the risk to equipment being damaged due to not being quickly retrieved from break-down locations also had to be weighed.