Towing a Car in Edinburgh with Spiders

Someone called out of the office one day and said that scrapping a car they owned was the only option because there were spiders living in it.

When our driver arrived from Lothian Towing Services a middle aged man called Dave greeted him at the door and explained his problem.  Dave was a mechanic and had a garage adjacent to his house where he repaired cars.  He explained that he had purchased a car a couple of years back and left it outside without realising that one of the windows was slightly open.  He’d bought the car, an old 2.4 Jaguar, as a project to renovate but he’d been very busy repairing his customers’ cars and so hadn’t got round to even looking at the Jag until 9 months after he had bought it.

He went on to explain that he was somewhat arachnophobic.  Whilst spiders tended to get into his garage from time to time he had an unusual method of getting rid of them.  He stated that he didn’t really want to kill them because it wasn’t their fault that he was frightened of them.  However, he reasoned that spiders can live anywhere so there was no need for them to inhabit his garage.  Each morning he would go into the garage, look for spiders and if he found any he would loudly announce that they had 5 minutes in which to vacate his premises.  He would then go into his house, make a coffee and wait.  5 minutes later he would return to the garage and if the spiders hadn’t left he would take a blow torch to them.  In this way he believed that he had been fair in giving them the opportunity to leave.

However, the car presented a different type of problem.  Dave was so scared that having noticed a huge percentage of spiders and spider’s webs in the vehicle he couldn’t even open the door.  In fact he didn’t want to stand anywhere near the car because with the window being slightly open, they might crawl out and jump on him.  Naturally he couldn’t take a blow torch to the car considering obvious hazards so he had decided that scrapping the car was the only solution to his problem.

On inspection of the vehicle our driver did notice an exceptional number of varying species of spiders and some of them were quite large.  The car was actually in quite good condition so our driver told Dave that rather than scrapping a car that was in reasonable condition maybe he should consider blowing them out with a powerful air compressor.  In fact our driver offered to do it for him.

Dave was having none of it.  He said that even if that could be done, he would always worry that maybe one or two would be left behind, he would never be able to relax in the car and if he ever took it out on the road and saw a spider in it he would be a hazard to other road users because there would be no doubt that he would lose control of the car.

Actually our driver isn’t keen on spiders either but managed to load the car onto the recovery vehicle and when he brought it back we took an air compressor to it which we think cleared all the spiders out.  The car was eventually crushed which was a shame because it would have made a great restoration project for a Jaguar enthusiast.