The Hoarder

It was a normal day during the week when we received a call from an elderly gentleman asking for information about recovering a car in Edinburgh.  He asked if we needed any special type of access to get to the car and we told him that normally our recovery vehicles could manoeuvre into a position whereby the car could be loaded.  We should have asked more questions in hindsight.

Our driver experienced no difficulty in finding the address, which was in  Edinburgh, as the old boy had told us that there were a number of black bin bags outside the gate because he was having a clear out.   There were actually about 100 black rubbish bags sprawling across the pavement outside the house and onto the road.  Our vehicle recovery truck driver also noticed that the entire driveway of the house was obscured by rubbish bags and there wasn’t a car in sight.

Our driver sounded his horn and stood at the gate.  Several people emerged from the debris including a very old man who looked like a tramp.  One member of the group asked our driver if he had come to help.  “How do you mean”, our driver responded, “I got a call from and I’m from Lothian Towing Services.”

The people turned out to be neighbours of the old boy that looked like a tramp and they had all volunteered to help in a house clearance.  Apparently the old boy owned the house and had been somewhat of a recluse for many years just collecting junk.  He never threw anything away and rubbished was piled so high that it was difficult to actually get through the front door.  With the numerous complaints that had been received from neighbours the council had stepped in and stated that the site on which the house stood was a health and fire hazard so the owner had been told he had to clear the place up.

Having helped to shift over 50 bin bags our driver finally uncovered the car which has 4 flat tires and really was a rust bucket.  They key couldn’t be found but that didn’t matter because it wasn’t driveable in any event.  Our driver left the necessary paperwork with the owner, loaded the car onto the recovery truck and left quickly before he got roped into more rubbish clearance.