The “Herbie” scrap car in Edinburgh

The scrap car in Edinburgh has stood rusting away outside a house in Leith.  In its day it had been a dead ringer for Herbie the Volkswagen that became so popular in a series of Herbie films.

The car’s owner had died several years ago and didn’t seem to have any relatives so the estate was in abeyance until someone came forward to claim it.  That was 6 years ago and whereas the car had always been kept in a garage, on the day the owner died it had been parked in the driveway.

Having stood for so long unattended, the battery had gone flat and so had the tyres.  The small chip on the wheel arch that had been scheduled to be fixed the day after the owner died was never done because no one was available to take it to the garage.  As rain, hail, snow and storms lashed the little car the chip had become eroded and rust was eating into the rest of the wheel arch.

The worst night had been when some hooligans from  Edinburgh had broken into the house and vandalised it.  Not content with causing senseless damage they set about the car, smashing its windows, breaking off the wing mirrors, bending the windscreen wipers and dealing heavy blows on the roof and body with a mallet.  They had intended to steal it but soon realised that the battery was flat after trying to hotwire it and having decided it was just a scrap car in Edinburgh they finally left.

The police arrived having been called by a neighbour and they called an Edinburgh towing company,Lothian Towing Services to come and collect the car.  “It’s just a scrap car” they said, “but you can’t scrap it yet because we don’t know who it belongs to”.

 Lothian Towing Services has picked up many scrap cars in  Edinburgh but there was something about the Herbie lookalike that tugged at the heartstrings of Lothian Towing Services owner.  He thought it was a terrible shame to see the car in such a sorry state especially since it only had 20,000 miles on the clock so now it is sitting in his garage in  Edinburgh being lovingly restored in his spare time until someone comes to claim it.