Scrap Car Edinburgh

I am a great fan of Banger Racing and I have participated in scrap car  racing for several years. I love the thrill of the chase, being knocked around the track and of course the joy of winning. You would seriously not believe the state of the scrap car at the end of a banger racing session and although I used to spend hours restoring the cars after a race, I don’t do that anymore. I have found an excellent service in Lothian Towing Services instead.

To find my cars I usually look at advertisements on Ebay and other direct from owner sites. You would be gobsmacked by the amount of cars you can pick up for free or for peanuts on these sites. Mostly the cars can be driven but need work to be driven on the road or pass their MOT’s. I only want to race them so as long as the engine doesn’t pack up before the end of the race I’m not bothered what condition they are in.

Having obtained the scrap car at little or no cost I then race them. I win more races than I lose so when the car wants to go to the big scrapyard in the sky, I call Lothian Towing Services and they come along and give me money to take the car away. Don’t you just love it? Even if it’s only £10 I am still in pocket. So if you have a scrap car in  Edinburgh give them a call. They might give you money too.