Money and a Date to Scrap a Car in the Edinburgh Area

I have just waved off Tony, a rather strapping young man from Lothian Towing Services, who I contacted to scrap my car in Edinburgh. These are the circumstances surrounding the need for their services.

Having got totally fed up with my lazy, live in, boyfriend I had finally got to the end of my tether and chucked him out. He owed me three months’ rent and as usual he didn’t have the cash which was part of our problems! He said he would give me his car to cover the rent and the other bills he had run up. I didn’t have much choice but to agree and I was now the owner of a rather old Ford Escort which I thought I could sell and pay off his debts. I changed the paperwork, cleaned it inside and out and arranged for an MOT which surprise, surprise was out of date.

Being completely ignorant about cars, except where to put petrol, water and oil I thought the MOT was just a formality, after all the ratbag had been driving it about. The garage reported a list of faults as long as my arm and an estimate close to the national debt to repair it, great, now what to do? The mechanic told me the best thing to do was scrap it.

Yellow pages in hand I rang anyone who indicated they could scrap a car in the Edinburgh/Lothian area. Getting fed up and a bit shirty because they wanted me to pay for their services, I eventually came across an Edinburgh towing company called Lothian Towing Services and the person I spoke to there was very helpful and nice. They would come and get the car free and depending on the condition may even give me payment for it; well something was better than nothing. It won’t pay his debts but you live and learn !!

Now what am I going to wear for my date with Tony ?