Goodbye Dolly

Being the long-time owner of a rather, well very old if I am honest, blue VW beetle called Dolly, I was upset to find that after many years of faithful service she was not fit enough to pass another MOT and the cost of repairing her was prohibitive. Basically she had come to the end of the road and would have to be scrapped.

Never having had to deal with an Edinburgh towing company before, I looked on the internet for advice as to what was the best course of action. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that nowadays car scrappage is government controlled and that most parts of my beloved Dolly could be recycled to another use.  I had imagined a large crane loading Dolly into a crusher and a little cube coming out the other end like they do in gangster movies, except I wouldn’t have a body in the boot.

I looked up Edinburgh towing companies in my local online Directory to find someone suitable to dispose of Dolly.  I was keen to find a local firm capable of scrapping a car near  Edinburgh.  After a couple of false starts I found Lothian Towing Services, who could do the job for me. They arranged to collect Dolly at a time to suit me and I was pleased that they could also deal with the necessary DVLA documentation for me, so no nasty fine landing on my mat after Dolly had gone. All her parts interior and exterior were to be recycled or disposed of in an eco-friendly way, so no pollution from Dolly.

Somehow the thought that she would be re-used made our parting a little less sad, although I have to admit to shedding a tear when she was loaded on the trailer. So if you are needing a car towed in Edinburgh try Lothian Towing Services or if you are further afield look out for a registered company who will follow the Government Guidelines into the scrappage of vehicles to ensure that your old car will carry on in another guise after being recycled.

 Lothian Towing Services has had many calls over the years from people who are considering scrapping a car in Edinburgh but some of our experiences when collecting them have sometimes been amusing and at other times been downright weird.  We thought we would share a couple of them with you.