Car Breakdown Edinburgh

I was sitting in a queue of traffic in a narrow country lane on the outskirts of Edinburgh the other day, trying not to enter into the whole road rage thing as people all around me were blasting their horns and getting out of their cars shouting and swearing.  I was on a bend so they couldn’t see that I was stuck behind a huge traffic jam hence they clearly thought that it was my fault.

In the end I had to get out of the car to shout at the idiot behind me who had, after 15 minutes, been making obscene gestures at me and was permanently resting his hand on his horn.  I walked over to his car and asked him if he believed that the vehicles involved in this pile up 30 cars ahead would actually be able to hear his horn and even if they could, what would it achieve.  Clearly there was an accident or car breakdown and we would all have to wait until it was sorted.

Without waiting for a reply I decided to set off on foot to see what was happening.  Other road users were doing the same and finally we reached the car that was the cause of the problem.  A little old lady was at the steering wheel of a Morris Minor that looked like it was hardly ever taken out of the garage.  I asked what the problem was and she said that the engine had just cut out and she couldn’t start it again.  She got out of the car and let me have a go but on turning the key it was clear that the starter motor had gone from the noise it made.  I asked her if she had any car breakdown cover but she said she only went out in the car around three times a year and hadn’t seen the necessity for it.

I told her that in this instance she would need someone to recover the car because not only was it holding up the traffic but obviously it needed to be fixed.  She asked if I knew anyone and I told her that I used a service for car breakdown in Dalkeith but they covered  Edinburgh.  I called them from my mobile phone and they were excellent.  They got there in less than 10 minutes, weaved their way through the traffic by getting people to pull over as much as they could and assured me that they would deal with the problem and make sure the lady got home safely.  So if you find yourself in a similar situation call Lothian Towing Services for car breakdown Edinburgh.  They are friendly, efficient and affordable.