Breakdown Recovery Edinburgh

I love living in Edinburgh because there are so many things for my 3 children to do.  We have a leisure centre with a fantastic swimming pool and Topsy Turvy World which is a huge indoor play area for kids where they can use all types of soft play equipment.

However, the other day I decided to go to the local supermarket and promised the kids that if they were good I would take them to Topsy Turvy World afterwards.  If anyone has ever taken three kids between the ages of 2 and 6 to the supermarket you will know what a nightmare it can be !!  Anyway, because of the promised treat I managed to get all my shopping done without the usual embarrassment of looking like the parent from hell, shouting and screaming at the children and attempting to find some way to handcuff them to the shopping trolley as we manoeuvre our way through the aisles.  They didn’t take anything from the shelves, break anything or demand that I buy half a ton of sweets.

Having safely packed the kids and the shopping in the car I set off for Topsy Turvy World which is less than a mile from the supermarket.  It was a hot day and there was a lot of traffic.  As I sat with the car engine idling I noticed the temperature gauge going up.  As time progressed it got higher and higher until I noticed steam coming from under the bonnet.   I cut the engine and got out to have a look.  Knowing nothing about cars I could see the steam but had no idea what to do.

My husband signed up with Lothian Towing Services which does breakdown recovery in  Edinburgh and the Lothians a few weeks back, so I took their card out of the glove compartment and called them.  By this time there were some angry motorists blaring their horns and shouting at me.

Luckily they had a breakdown recovery truck just round the corner and were there in minutes.  The driver was really helpful and got all the traffic to move out of the way so that he could get the car secured on the truck.  He then bundled us all in the truck and took me to a local garage and then home.  The car needs a new cylinder head gasket so that will be expensive, but I am so grateful to Lothian Towing Services for the way their driver handled what was a difficult and stressful situation.

Unfortunately the kids were disappointed but I made it up to them on the weekend when I could use my husband’s car.

If you ever need breakdown recovery in  Edinburgh I can recommend Lothian Towing Services who went out of their way to diffuse a heated situation !!!!